Show Reel Services

Entertain Sydney offer professional video show reels for actors, performing artists, presenters, MCs and live bands or variety acts. You can book our team to shoot individual projects, or book in to a show reel workshop.

Our show reel workshops provide actors and aspiring performers the extra benefit of training with industry experts, script workshopping and on camera rehearsals within a small classroom environment, and finally an individual film shoot per scene professionally shot and edited by our expert team.

Contact us for a free consultation and we will help you put together a video calling card to suit your requirements, skills and audience.

What is a show reel?

Put simply - a show reel is your business card in the entertainment industry.

Just as job seekers need a CV or resume to demonstrate their skills and previous experience, performing artists, bands and presenters need a SHOWREEL. This is your performance "CV" which shows prospective clients a snapshot of your skills, talent, look and the style or feel of your performance or personality.

Why do I need a show reel?

For actors: Producers and casting directors often use this as a first 'cull' in the audition process, (that is, it can determine whether you are even considered for an audition or casting call).

For bands and performing artists: Clients almost always favour the band or service which provides a strong, professional and enticing video of who you are and what you do, preferably with footage of the artist/band working live (so they can imagine you performing at their event).

What do I put in my show reel?

For actors:  A show reel usually consists of at least 2-3 contrasting scenes or snippets which best show the range of your skill, look and versatility, and should be a maximum of 2 minutes in length. Place your best scene first to guarantee your strongest work is seen if casting directors are short of time. Determine the role types you are interested in and likely to be cast for, and make sure your show reel reflects these qualities and possible scenarios.

For bands/artists:  A show reel (or demo) usually consists of at least 2-3 contrasting songs (grabs only) which best show the range of your skill, look and versatility, and should be a maximum of 1-2 minutes in length. Place your best grabs at the beginning and end of a clip. Determine the gigs or styles you perform best and are likely to be hired for, and use footage that reflects this.

What makes a great show reel?

The quality and appropriateness of your showreel can make or break your chance to be considered for a role.

The style/format of your video demo depends on the product and audience. We can help you determine the appropriate style for you, or suggest some interesting, punchy and effective formats that will stand out in a crowd.

Concise and relevant choice of material is key, and of course, professional looking footage is always going to show you in a better light. Clear audio, appropriate lighting and great quality camera work/editing make for a seemless viewing experience, allowing the viewer to focus on the performance, and all aspects reflect favourably on your appearance as a working professional.

Current Workshops

There are currently no workshops available in Sydney. Check back soon...