The Paul Winn Band is a three piece group from Sydney, Australia.

Influenced by artists such as Robben Ford, Dave Matthews Band and Robert Cray, the band has released 4 full length albums – a debut album called Fortunate Man, (made public in 2004), Nothing's New (released 2009), a stripped down acoustic album called Live (released 2013).

Following the band's most recent US performance at DROM, New York City, Paul Winn has released a new live DVD/CD, featuring 3 Australians who have relocated to New York City to tap into it's huge music scene. The resulting chemistry on the DVD/CD could have only come from the melting pot of energy that is New York City. The music is described as guitar driven blues with an improvisational style incorporating facets of jazz and funk.

The DVD/CD features drummer Simon 'Si-fi' Fishburn, who has been living in NYC for 3 years, jazz saxophonist Adrian Cunningham, who has been in NYC for 7 years, and bassist Neville L'Green, who has lived there for 10 years.

The band has nearly half a million views on youtube and has had their music feature in films, TV and radio across the globe. They have also done a few tours overseas, the most interesting one being in India.

"Paul Winn Band has captured the elegance of poetry through music. This is songwriting at its best." Nicole Volpicelli, Circle Magazine.

"This is a record with the self-confidence to swear off a producer’s bells and whistles and to lovingly embrace songsmithing and, above all, melody." Todd Beemis, Indie-music.

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