Enjoy a musical treat from the birthplace of jazz, with a touch of jambalaya and a splash of cajun fire!

Featuring Richard "Bootman" Booth (Sax) and "Dr" Don Hopkins (piano)

Multi-instrumentalist, Richard Booth has two degrees in music with 30 years professional experience in performance having started playing in clubs and concert halls at the age of 12. Whether on Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Steel Drums, Bass, Trombone, Piano or Percussion, Richard can perform a great variety of styles. He has performed with or supported many notable musicians and bands including: The Doobie Bros, Foreigner, Billy Crash Craddock, Bob Malone, The Foundations, Jimmy Barnes, James Blundell, Keith Urban, Deni Hines, Col Nolan, James Gadson, Lee Thornberg, Galapagos Duck and The Maori Volcanics. He can be spotted on many DVD's, CD's and film tracks.

Don Hopkins is a vocalist, piano player and songwriter whose music comes from the Blues & Roots (Folk, Country, Gospel, Jazz) traditions. He also plays keyboard, piano accordion, guitar and harmonica. An experienced entertainer for festivals, special events and venues across Australia, performing the songs of the great Fats Domino, New Orleans R&B and Rock'n'Roll sounds of the 1950s and 60s. He has lead bands including Donny Hop & The Kings of Bop, Dr. Don's Double Dose (with drummer Rob Grosser) and Gumbo Fever (with Mal Green formerly from Split Enz). Don also promoted and organised live music for the Empire Of Annandale Hotel turning it into Sydney's leading blues venue during the 1990s. Don recordings include Live At The Schuss Bar, Conjure Bag and Little Story/Share This Life with Jim Conway's Big Wheel, of which he was an integral part since its inception in 2002.

Also available in trio and full band format.

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